About Us
Looking for premium hosting services but your budget is limited?

    Our team - is friendly collective of specialists in IT sphere working for best quality of services.

Alteron.net is enterprise-class hosting company. Main target of our company is providing complex services for customer's web-sites and servers hosting. We provide wide spread of services needed to launch and successfull work of internet projects with any complexity. Choosing our services you may be asured that your corporate or personal web-site is always online.

RAID protected storage
No worry about safe of data on your hard disks. If drive fails - you do not lose data and can easily recover from other drive.
Unlimite bandwidth
Really unlimited traffic for dedicated servers with no hidden conditions. No worry on bills for traffic at the end of month!
27/7 customer support
Our highly qualified specialists doing round-the-clock monitoring of all systems, as well as provide round-the-clock support by our ticket system.
Manager panel
Manager panel for Reboot/Re-install OS/Rescue boot/IPMI/Reverse DNS entries/etc.
Basic DDoS Protection
Our network is protected by standard anti-DDoS system. You can also get an advanced and curative ddos protection.
IPMI access- Hardware KVM over IP
Allows you to manage your server as if you were sitting behind server's monitor. Manage your server from anywhere where you have internet connection.