Looking for premium hardware servers but your budget is limited? Our dedicated servers provide with effecient price/perfomance ration that fit you needs.

Did not find a server you need? Looking for extra cheap servers? Contact us and we will try to fit your needs with custom server!

Budget Servers
CPU HDD RAM Bandwidth IP Price Order
Intel Xeon E3 1220 v2+IPMI 2x 1TB 16GB 1Gbits 1* $69.99 Order Now
Intel Xeon E3 1230 v3+IPMI 2x 1TB 32GB 1Gbits 1* $79.00 Order Now

  • Always Included
  • Features
  • Software
  • Support
  • No charges for bandwidth overage
  • FREE operating system reinstalls
  • RAID protected storage
  • Full OS & Pre-Installed Software Support
  • 24x7 web based helpdesk

* There are no charges for bandwidth overage. If the 50TB limit is exceeded, the connection of the server will be reduced to 100Mbps. For 1Gbits bandwidth will be charged $10 per each additional TB.

** Free setups are provided for Semi-Annually contract periods.

Always Included in our hosting services

  • Data Center 24/7 Stand-by-Service
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • No hidden fees
  • No minimum contract period
  • 100Mbits/1Gbits/ bandwidth
  • Massive Multi-GBit Network Architecture